Are You Searching for Quality General Liability Audit Subcontractors?

All successful businesses have will have to scale their operations at some point and deciding how to make that transition can be a costly mistake if done incorrectly. If you currently have more general liability audits than you can handle, you may be thinking the easiest way to process those audits is to hire more auditors. But that also means you have to post the jobs, interview the applicants and train the new hires. Why go through all of that hassle when you can hire ISG as General Liability Audit Subcontractors?

ISG already has a number of highly trained, hard-working auditors ready to get started on your audits immediately. ISG can provide the same level of service as your own internal auditors, but with none of the ramp-up time and none of the time and paperwork associated with hiring new employees or contractors. You may find that working with ISG makes it so you don’t even need your own internal General Liability Audit team because we are so easy to work with and save you so much time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Liability Audit Subcontractors

As General Liability Audit Subcontractors, what types of audits do the ISG team handle?

ISG can perform physical audits, conducted on-site by our team of expert auditors with strong industry backgrounds. Although we focus on physical audits in the southeastern US, we are happy to discuss larger nationwide audits as well. In addition to physical audits, we also have experts in telephone and Mail / Voluntary Audits.

Does ISG have expertise in working with distributed teams, since they will not be located in our office?

Starting even before the pandemic, ISG recognized that having a team that didn’t all work in the same office was going to be an important factor to address as technology and auditing continue to evolve. Today we have a successful distributed team of auditors, working both in our office and remotely using the latest technology.

What Other Types of Audits Can ISG help us out with?

ISG can act as insurance audit subcontractors (link) for multiple types of audits in addition to general liability audits, including commercial auto, inland and ocean/marine, worker’s compensation and more! Contact us today to see how we can help you with all of your audit needs.


General Liability Audit Subcontractors

Our premium audit services cover a wide spectrum of policy holders

  • Construction firms
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
  • Professional sports organizations
  • Technology firms
  • Transportation companies
  • Healthcare facilities

Our premium audits provide

  • Customizable reporting to meet specific client needs
  • Easy-to-follow audit reporting
  • Paperless audit creation including all pertinent imaged records

Our expert Auditor Team has experience with a wide variety of policy types

  • Commercial Auto
  • Construction Liability
  • General liability
  • Inland and Ocean/Marine
  • Professional liability (medical and non-medical)
  • Garage Liability
  • Worker’s compensation


Premium Audit Review

The depth of the ISG Audit Team empowers us to drive detailed review processes, instrumental in identifying and correcting any audit errors.

Dispute Resolution

We efficiently and professionally manage all facets of the dispute resolution process, from receipt of a statement of dispute to final determination based on carrier guidelines.

Classification Inspection

ISG offers an extremely thorough and detailed report utilizing its expertise in various industries as well as NCCI, PAAS and individual state statute reference materials to provide accurate classification recommendations.

Expert Witness Services

Our experience can assist you by providing effective independent expert opinions in legal disputes regarding premium audits and processes.


We help clients with all aspects of premium audit processing, including workflow management, review processes, documentation procedures, and more.